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Hi There!!! Welcome to my web site.

My registered name is Allegro Pint O' Guinness, however you may call me "Guinness".

I am a tri-color male Bull Terrier from Allegro Bull Terriers, who are located in Fountain Valley, CA.  At the age of nine weeks, I came to live at my new home in Menlo Park, CA.

If you are looking to get a Bull Terrier, there are many informative sites available. I have listed a few on Guinness' Web Links.

My mom and I are members of the Barbary Coast Bull Terrier Club,  and will be looking forward to joining more clubs in the future.

Please take a moment to browse through Guinness' Photo Gallery.  This is where you can see a Bull Terrier puppy grow up very quickly. There are lots of pictures 'cause I am so cute! Check back often, the pictures are always being updated.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit to my site.  We always like to hear from you,  so won't you please sign my guestbook before you go?  You wouldn't want to disappoint this soft-hearted little boy... now would you?

Thanks for visiting!!

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